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Carpet cleaning Services

Unmatched Carpet Cleaning Solutions at Frankston with 100% Guarantee


Carpet Cleaning Services


Dirty carpets are home to dirt, dust and grime. They remain in the deepest fibres your carpet and contribute to factors of discomfort from pollen, dust which triggers asthma and skin allergies.

You need to routinely clean your carpets and keep them free from bacteria and all kinds of health-affecting hazards. Our carpet cleaning services have the best suitable solutions to your need.


Carpet cleaning services ‘This Is Where We Come In.’

‘Classic Cleaning 4 You’ is dedicated to providing you top-grade carpet cleaning services in Frankston. Our specialist cleaning experts always adhere to the latest cleaning standards and strive not just to meet, but surpass your cleaning requirements expediently and promptly.


What to Expect From Us?

Carpeting proves to be long-term house investments, and once you have installed, it’s your responsibility to preserve its fibre, matting and hygiene. We give you the chance to fulfil this responsibility by just a phone call.

Along with the carpet cleaning services, we also offer services of upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning and chair cleaning. When you call us up for carpet cleaning services, we take the charge of cleaning other things in your house as well.


How We Disinfect Your Precious Carpets?

  • Our professional carpet cleaners visit your place and conduct a comprehensive analysis of your mucky carpets. This is our first step to disinfecting your expensive carpet as with this; our professionals determine which method works best for your carpets.
  • Once the inspection is complete, our experts vacuum the whole carpet surface to suck out whatever soil, grime or loose dust particles exist. We call this process ‘Dry Soil Removals.’
  • For dirt and grime settled deep into the carpet’s surface, our professionals use a pre-conditioned cleansing agent to separate your carpet fibre from the soil surface. In case of strong stains or pet odour, we use industry-approved cleaning techniques and components to achieve optimum cleaning. The products we choose depend on the type of dirt, spills and stains and they are safe for your pets, family and your carpet fabrics.
  • We focus on all traffic areas and use our powerful cleaning equipment and tools.
  • Lastly, once your precious carpets are cleaned and dried off properly, we deodorise your carpets to make it free from any obnoxious smell too.


Our Special Hot Water Extraction Treatment:


Hot Water Extraction Treatment

For very old and filthy carpets, our professionals use steam cleaning to explode adamant dirt from your carpets. We don’t drench your carpets with too much water. Rather we use only a fraction of hot water along with our specialised carpet cleaning solutions to extract dirt, filth and moisture from your carpets.

Usually, the drying time depends on several factors such as airflow, humidity and the fabric of your carpets itself. But with our powerful drying vacuums or equipment, we dry off your carpets in a couple of hours (at the max).

After we are done, your precious carpets will be good as new and ready for immediate use.


What’s The Outcome?

Our dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in St. Kilda guarantee –

  • 98% Allergen Removal from Mucky Carpets
  • And 95% Airborne Bacteria Of Lose Dust Particles from Your Carpet Surface to Alleviate Your Interior Home Air Quality


What Makes Us Your Reliable Carpet Cleaners?


Reliable Carpet Cleaners

  • We have well qualified and trained professionals working with the best products and cleaning tools in the industry.
  • We always stick to the Best Practices and never compromise on quality and on-schedule services.
  • Our cleaning methodologies are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to your carpet or living environment.
  • Through our hard work and dedication, we have managed an impressive customer satisfaction rate and always ensure that we don’t give them any reasons to complain.
  • Our rates are as per industry standard. What you see is that you will pay. No hidden charges involved.


Treating Your Carpets If It Were Our Own, We Clean It In Such A Manner That It Reminds You Of The Time You Bought It First.

Contact ‘Classic Cleaning 4 You’ today, if you have a filthy carpet. Our unmatched cleaning solutions will make you proud of your decision.